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Bozeman to host far-right ‘Red Pill Expo’


We received a press release yesterday from the Montana Human Rights Network about a truly epic gathering scheduled for this weekend in Bozeman. I have been traveling way too much lately so I can’t be in Bozeman this weekend, but let’s hope the Bozeman Chronicle does as much thorough coverage as its reporters can stand. Meanwhile, it seems pointless to try condensing the network’s lengthy, well-researched press release, so we’ll just give it in full: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Subject of today’s Google tribute had ties to Bozeman

The Google image today shows Edmonia Lewis, an African American sculptor who was best known for her monumental statue of Cleopatra, shown at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. What makes her of special interest to us is that her half-brother, Samuel W. Lewis, was one of the earliest residents of Bozeman, a successful barber whose house is on the National Register of Historic places. There are lots of stories about Edmonia Lewis on the web today. One of the most popular seems to be this piece from Al Jazeera. I couldn’t find anything to indicate that Edmonia herself ever visited Montana. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Mayor Hanel owes millennials an apology


Dear Mayor Tom Hanel,

I am writing to you to express my concern regarding a comment you made during the Nov. 21 Billings City Council meeting. Your statement, “If millennials want to move because Billings is boring, I’ll sell their home for them,” is disappointing at best. You, as the mayor, are the figurehead and vocal proponent of our great city. With that title comes great responsibility. Continue Reading →

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‘Livability’ list is meaningless … and irresistible

There are two things about all those “best of” lists that newspapers, magazines and websites love to publish: 1) they’re mostly bullshit, and 2) they’re irresistible. The main objective of all these lists — the skinniest city in America, the most business-friendly, the best place to raise a family, the best outdoor city, etc. — is to sell more newspapers or magazines or steer readers to your website. The criteria are often questionable and the question of how to assign value once you’ve established criteria is more questionable still. And yet they are irresistible. Continue Reading →

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