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High court backs city in cop lawsuit, case to continue

Patrol cars

A Montana Supreme Court ruling will send back to District Court a lawsuit filed against the city of Billings by a group of current and retired city police officers. The ruling came down Monday, just shy of a year after the city was dinged for more than $2.7 million in back pay, fines and legal fees. The suit was filed in 2009 by 27 police officers, who said the city had incorrectly calculated their longevity pay, going back as far as 1994. (more…) Continue Reading →

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City parks will soon have one cop’s special attention


Billings will soon have a police officer specifically assigned to patrolling city parks. The new position was approved by the City Council in July, with funding from the city’s General Fund, and the person selected for the job will be helping respond to what is perceived as a growing number of problems in the parks. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Billings cops win wage suit, city told to pay $2.7 million

The city of Billings has been ordered to pay just under $2 million in back wages and penalties to 142 active-duty and retired police officers in a wage dispute going back to 2009. District Court Judge Brenda Gilbert of Livingston, in an order issued Thursday, said the city must also pay roughly $650,000 in attorneys’ fees and nearly $126,000 in incidental costs associated with the years-long lawsuit. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Eye of the beholder: How fair, how good are Billings police?


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John and longtime activist Eran Thompson agree on one thing: Billings needs more cops. They both see true community policing, which gives cops a chance to interact in a meaningful way with the people they serve, as the best way to close the divisions separating communities and police departments across the country. And good community policing takes more cops on the street than Billings has. (more…) Continue Reading →

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From Missoula, an in-the-trenches look at homelessness


My name is Travis Mateer and for the past seven years I’ve worked at the Poverello Center, an emergency shelter and soup kitchen in Missoula. When I started at “the Pov” in 2008, our nation’s economy wasn’t doing so well. The unsound lending practices of the big banks resulted in a housing bubble that caused significant economic misery when it burst. Ripple effects, like a decreased demand for timber, closed local mills and put people out of work. Shelters across the country struggled to meet the increased need. Continue Reading →

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Well, that car is definitely stopped


I’m afraid I don’t have any actual news on this, but I thought the photo was interesting enough on its own. I mean, whatever else the driver may have done wrong, he or she did stop, right? This was at Seventh Street West and Cook Avenue about 4:30 p.m. Monday. The strange thing is, I had been driving past the area around Eighth and Cook half an hour earlier and saw a firetruck and police car with lights flashing. There appeared to have been two cars involved in an accident there, and a woman was being taken away on a gurney. Continue Reading →

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Cops, community getting a handle on downtown Billings


At this time of year in downtown Billings, Matt Lennick’s phone should be ringing a lot more than it has been. Lennick, a downtown resource officer who works for the Police Department but whose pay is covered by a special tax on downtown property owners, said he’s still waiting to see statistical comparisons between this year and last, but this year sure feels different. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Billings cop investigated for fight with Laurel officer


KTVQ is reporting that a Billings police officer is being investigated over a physical altercation he reportedly got into with a fellow officer from Laurel. The story said Paul LaMantia, a 6-year veteran “with a growing disciplinary file,” is under investigation for a “dispute” that resulted in extensive injuries to Jim Huertas, an officer with the Laurel Police Department. The two police officers are also business partners at Prohibition Boutique & Barbershop in downtown Billings.  

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To catch a thief: Facebook helps teen recover stolen truck


Thanks to the power of Facebook—and a bit of old-fashioned shoe leather—Dana Moss Pulis helped her son get his stolen pickup truck back barely half a day after it was stolen. Here’s the story, as pieced together by Moss Pulis, who owns a business in downtown Billings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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