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Montanan’s 45-rpm record collection finds worthy home


Bill Reichert has been collecting 45-rpm records for just shy of 60 years, carefully curating and tending a collection that has grown to nearly 20,000 of the little vinyl discs. At the age of 73, he said, “I’m at the point now with my collection—there’s no way I could sit down and listen to all these in my lifetime.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Northern Hotel’s chef brings personal touch to new role


Executive Chef Ian Anderson took the reins of the historic Northern Hotel kitchen more than a month ago, and already there is a new pulse. Some time had passed since I’d stepped into Bernie’s Diner, the Northern’s breakfast-and-lunch cafe, and it was quieter back then. On this Wednesday morning, behind the counter, staff busily filled cups of coffee and gathered plates of food for the customers who filled the seating by the west-side windows. (more…) Continue Reading →

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For Goodridge kids, Magic City Blues is a family affair


The Goodridge kids have grown up with the blues. The Magic City Blues, to be precise. Their parents, Tim and Pam Goodridge, have been putting on the annual music festival in downtown Billings since 2002. One way or another, their three children—Henry, 21, Will, 18, and Jane, 16—have part of the festival for most of their lives. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Second annual Local Food Challenge starts Tuesday


On her family farm in Rosebud County, about seven miles east of Forsyth, Jean Lemire Dahlman and her husband, Floyd, raise wheat and cattle. They also have a big vegetable garden and a pond stocked with bass, and because they are hunters, they eat a lot of venison. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Hail Columbia Gulch: Tales from a feral childhood


I enjoyed some time recently with an old friend who shared memories and photographs of her early childhood on a scratch-gravel South Dakota farm before it even had electricity. The photos in particular elicited powerful memories of my own. I was too young to remember when electricity was installed at my family’s summer place in the mid-1950s. I do recall the day when the much-anticipated telephone service arrived to Hail Columbia Gulch. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Punk-infused music and art festival back for 5th year


To look at the lineup for Richard Dreyfest V, a music and arts festival coming up next month, you’d think it was a week-long event. But no, all those bands, artists, comedians, poets and more—60-plus and counting—are going to be performing over just two days at eight venues in downtown Billings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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A lucky man: Reaping the benefits of a forced slowdown


I had total hip replacement surgery in the middle of May, and I figured that if I was anything like my coworker, I’d be back to normal in three weeks, four weeks max. My coworker, who had the same surgery, is 20 years younger and a Special Forces vet. He returned to work a week after his hip replacement, but he later told me that he had made a mistake in coming back so soon and almost passed out numerous times his first week back. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Bozeman artist pens ‘epic’ graphic novel about dinosaurs


On his Facebook page, Bozeman illustrator and author Ted Rechlin describes his new book as an “epic dinosaur adventure graphic novel.” The book is “Jurassic,” recently released by Farcountry Press in Helena, and it concerns the virtually nonstop adventures of a yearling Brontosaurus adrift in a world teeming with dangerous predators. Rechlin said he doesn’t know of anyone else making graphic novels about dinosaurs. (more…) Continue Reading →

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