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Urban farming forum set for this Saturday in Billings


This fall, Christian Keeve was three-quarters of the way through his one-year volunteer stint with the city of Billings Parks and Recreation Department. A member of the Billings Metro VISTA Project, Keeve worked on the Billings Grown Gardening Initiative, which involves community gardens and other programs related to food security. At that point he was thinking about sustainability, about how to make sure the initiative he had worked on would be continued and expanded after he left. (more…) Continue Reading →

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New director has long history with state Audubon center


In marketing itself to the outside world, Carolyn Sevier said, Billings is “closely wedded to landscape—the Rims, the river, the mountains, the prairies.”

She hopes that the Montana Audubon Center, which she was named to lead effective Jan. 1, will become widely known as the premier entity for helping connect people in this region with their natural surroundings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Competitive twins on the way to early college graduation


Brenna Hoffman is planning to graduate this spring from Montana State University Billings with a degree in finance. Graduation is scheduled for May 4, meaning she will be graduating from college a little less than a year since she graduated from Billings West High School. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Christmas comes early for lucky McKinley students


A few days before Christmas, 38 lucky students at McKinley Elementary School found themselves in possession of new bicycles, locks and helmets on Wednesday, compliments of Billings TrailNet. “We build trails around town,” TrailNet event coordinator Kevin Odenthal told a gym full of kids Wednesday afternoon just before the giveaway. “We also want to make sure people have fun.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Council to vote again on backing local option tax idea


The Billings City Council will decide Monday night whether to endorse efforts to pass a new kind of statewide local option sales tax—or to postpone a decision until a bill draft lays out more details on the proposal. The council also will be asked to approve a two-page list of priorities that the city will pursue during the 2017 Montana Legislature, one of the priorities being a commitment to support a local option tax of some kind. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Competition fires students’ enthusiasm for math


A few days before a math competition for fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders took place at Big Sky Elementary School, Tom Rupsis was explaining what the prizes would be for the top-scoring students. Rupsis, a Big Sky parent who came up with the idea for the contest last year, said the winning boy and girl in each grade would receive a National Geographic Quadcopter Drone. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Downtown arts and culture create ‘experiential economy’


As I drop down Interstate 90 into the river valley that holds the “Magic City,” I swear: I won’t ever live in Billings, Montana. The sun glints off a spawling refinery that dominates the city’s eastern entrance. A sickly sweet smell smacks my face, making my teeth ache and my stomach curl. And they’re processing sugar beets on the South Side. (more…) Continue Reading →

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With GE Capital’s departure, hunt is on for a new tenant


The day after GE Capital announced what had long looked to be inevitable—that it would be closing down its Billings operations and laying off 60 people—Steve Arveschoug was working on what comes next. Arveschoug is the director of Big Sky Economic Development, the agency that built a 40,000-square-foot “Center of Excellence” for GE Capital in 2009. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Art House Cinema & Pub unveils big expansion plans


In annoucing the proposed expansion of the Art House Cinema & Pub during an event at the downtown business Monday night, Matt Blakeslee told about going to see “The Artist” back in 2011. The black-and-white silent movie, which would go on to win seven Oscars, including Best Film, had won high praise from critics and movie-goers for many months before Carmike Cinemas, which then owned every screen in town, finally brought the movie to Billings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Up Alkali Creek: Good-bye to a special place


The artist stepped back to study the imprint of her hands on the grainy sandstone surface above her head. She was satisfied and added nothing else. The red berry dye reflected her slender hands well. As she had lifted her fingers, she trailed them slightly upward, elongating each finger—reflecting the radiation outward of her personal power. She thought the simplicity elegant. Continue Reading →

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