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Symposium planned as a ‘movement toward healing’


Editor’s note: Russell Rowland helped organize the Native American Race Relations and Healing Symposium, a daylong series of panel discussions scheduled for Aug. 22 at the Billings Public Library. A companion piece by co-organizer Adrian Jawort, is published above this one. Click here to see it.  (more…) Continue Reading →

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Echoes of Montana history heard in Hebdo slaying


How incredibly sharp have become the edges of the two-sided sword we call freedom of speech. Like most of the world, I received the news of what happened at the offices of Charlie Hebdo with a sense of extreme shock and sadness. But this was different. Because it was also coupled with something that I have not fallen prey to much when it comes to world events. I felt a profound sense of fear. Continue Reading →

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This Veterans Day, save your thanks for the real heroes


Every year on Veterans Day, I cringe at the knowledge that well-meaning people are going to wallpaper Facebook and Twitter with heartfelt tributes to the heroes who have served our country. I cringe because as a veteran myself, I know the truth about the average military personnel. Most of the people I met in the military were good people. They showed up and did their job. They didn’t cause problems. They were generally a pleasure to work with. Continue Reading →

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One Time Boy


Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana
I have never been so anxious to meet another kid in my life. My parents have told us for years about the family that is about to come and visit. They have a boy my age. And several years ago, this boy shot and killed his younger brother when they were playing in the family barn.  I have been curious about this boy ever since. (more…) Continue Reading →

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