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Opinion: Fading memories of brotherly love


You used to think brotherly love was like the old muni pool — the Athletic or the Mitchell — enormous and all-inclusive, teeming with the bobbing lot of us, overlaid with a joyful din like a pie crust crimped at the edges with mothers’ clucking and pierced only by the shrill whistle of some teenaged lifeguard, glaring down imperiously from his elevated perch like an Egyptian sentinel, a towel draping his head and shoulders, zinc oxide making an isosceles triangle of his nose. He was scary to a 10-year-old, but even then, faintly ridiculous. You gaped at him, shrugged, and turned back to the joyful din. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Remembering Rodger, the vet who gave other vets hope


It’s a time of jarring incongruity. Outdoors, trees shiver in the summer heat. Dew dries at dawn. Everything is ripe and wilting. Indoors, vitriol and inanity drip from the airwaves as journalists breathlessly report the latest in the limbo contest that now passes for leadership in our nation’s capital. Continue Reading →

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Gone guys: Remembering a tragedy 50 years on


It’s beautiful, that stretch of highway between Great Falls and Glasgow. It doesn’t gob-smack you, like the Missions do outside St. Ignatius on Highway 93. It’s more like something you breathe in, mile after mile of highway yawning through gently rolling plains fringed with river flora and laced with creeks that dry up or freeze or gush as the season dictates. It has the exhilaration of limitless possibility in the summer, the desolation of an all-encompassing emptiness in the winter. Continue Reading →

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