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Harmon’s Histories: Parisian belle charmed early Montana


It’s pretty exciting when big-name stars make appearances in Montana: Elton John, Paul Simon, Garth Brooks and the like. But it’s not as unusual as today’s press might make it appear. While we may seem “out of the way” to folks back East, Montana has a long history of drawing the latest fads, entertainment, attractions and big-name talent. (more…) Continue Reading →

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In 1890s, ‘army’ of protesters met with violence in Billings


In 2017, it’s hard to imagine hundreds of unemployed Montanans marching down to the local rail yard to hijack a freight train as their conveyance to Washington, D.C., in order to demand that President Trump and the Congress create a jobs program. It’s probably even more of a stretch to imagine that a lot of us—even our local elected leaders—would support them, offering up food and supplies for their journey. (more…) Continue Reading →

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