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At Last Best News, our goal is to find and tell the best stories from around Billings and Eastern Montana. It seems like such a natural fit. At least half the people in Billings hail from cities, towns, farms and ranches all over Eastern Montana, while half the people in Eastern Montana have a notion that they might move to Billings someday.

That explains the great thirst for stories — people in Billings want to know what’s going on back home, while people around Eastern Montana can’t get enough news about what’s happening in and around Billings.

For advertisers, it’s a great audience. Billings residents drawn to this site already spend their money here, and people in Eastern Montana, who come here to visit relatives, go shopping, attend a concert, take in a tournament or tap into our ever-growing medical community, also support the local economy. And because there’s so much back-and-forth traffic, it makes sense for businesses all over Eastern Montana to advertise here.

Don’t forget the thousands of Montanans who live elsewhere in the world and still do all they can to keep in touch with the place they love. They come home from time to time, and they’re good people to reach out to.

It’s also worth noting that because of the kinds of stories we write and the outlook we embrace, a good many of our readers will probably share our commitment to local producers, local vendors and locally owned businesses—not to mention our commitment to Montana.

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