Butte columnist hails hometown hero

foleyEver since it was revealed that a certain fellow from Butte fired the shots that killed You Know Who over in You Know Where, there has been a flood of news stories, interviews and commentary about that particular SEAL.

Now, I think, we have the definitive word on the subject, written by Bill Foley, a columnist at ButteSports.com. Foley has known You Know Who for most of his life, and has this reflection about their time together in junior high school:

“Like me, he probably wasn’t the coolest guy in the school back then. That is pretty much where our similarity ends. While I was too scared to go to boot camp for the National Guard, You Know Who swam up, in the middle of the night, on a Russian sub in the Persian Gulf.

“One of us went on to kill the man responsible for the Twin Towers falling down. The other writes columns.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing, believe me, but I can’t resist one more excerpt:

“Billings can have Brent Musburger, Helena can have Gary Cooper and Bozeman can have their senator-elect who is somehow a fifth generation Montanan even though he was born in Los Angeles.

“We got the Last Gladiator, we have the guy who punched out Ricky Schroder when he was in town to make a movie, and now we have ‘The Shooter,’ who is also known as ‘The Man Who Killed You Know Who.'”




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