Benny’s big adventures

Photojournalist John Warner began taking his cameras on walks with the family dogs, Benny the Yorkie and Lucy the Scottie, to see if he could find interesting images along a rather routine stretch of the irrigation canal from Wicks Lane to Lake Elmo in the Heights.

Warner says his dogs live for their daily walks, which also regularly include High Sierra Park, also in the Heights. By mid-afternoon each day, the dogs begin looking at shoes moving around in the household.

We think our readers will agree that Warner found plenty of interesting images on his  walks, particularly those depicting Lucy and Benny’s multiple encounters with local wildlife and livestock.

Warner says this photo gallery is not about how nifty his dogs are. He says his dogs are no more special than yours, and that yours are probably better behaved.

That’s what he says. But he also admits that little Benny seems to take a Forest Gump-like pleasure in running. And the editor of Last Best News would like to say that he can’t remember when he ever saw a dog with more character than Benny.




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