Steen comes home to head up kitchen at Northern Hotel


Nick Steen has been summoned back to Billings. He has returned to his hometown to command the kitchens at the Northern Hotel.

With the four-letter word—CHEF—emblazoned on the fingers of his right hand, his intentions are obvious. Soon Steen will interweave his style of fire and ice through the hotel’s food offerings for events, meetings and the restaurants TEN and Bernie’s Diner. Continue Reading →


Opinion: Young people need to know of changes to MIP law


Montana’s minor-in-possession laws have changed slightly, but the results won’t change unless young people know about those changes.

The new law simply says that if underage people seek emergency medical attention for themselves or another person, law enforcement can’t ticket them for a minor-in-possession. This MIP medical immunity measure was passed by a strong bipartisan majority during the 2015 state Legislature. Continue Reading →

Dancer-director’s debut drama keeps it ‘real, raw, live’

Group hug

Last year, for the Sacrifice Cliff Theatre Company’s New Works Festival, company co-founder Patrick Wilson went out on a limb and asked two non-writers to submit a piece for the collection of 10-minute one-act plays.

The collaboration between Krista Leigh Pasini, a dancer and choreographer, and Matt Taggart, a musician and sound artist, resulted in “All Together Now,” which used music and movement, and no dialogue, to explore the dynamics of a family coming together for Sunday dinner. Continue Reading →

Opinion: Power to the people? It will take some work


“The people,” said a farmer’s wife in a Minnesota country store while
her husband was buying a new post-hole digger,
“The people,” she went on, “will stick around a long time.
“The people run the works, only they don’t know it yet — you wait and see.”
— Carl Sandburg in “The People, Yes” (1936) —

The people running things. Powerful thought. But, is it just a nice sentiment or could it be a reality? Is it a genuine possibility, or just rhetorical candy for the masses, distracting them from the harsh reality that money rules the roost in America? Continue Reading →

David Crisp: 3rd parties face steep climb to higher office


If you are sick of hearing about Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, Sanders and Trump, take heart. Plenty of other choices are available.

In fact, there are 1,686 of them, according to the Federal Election Commission, which has to keep track of everybody who files a FEC Form 2 Statement of Candidacy. The candidates for president range from Jon Ababiy of Blaine, Minn., running for the Peace and Freedom Party, to Gyro Zeppeli of Naples, Fla., running on the Socialist Equality Party ticket. Continue Reading →

Longtime public servant, CIA man, Creath Tooley dies at 95


Editor’s note: Although Last Best News does not generally carry obituaries, we will when the individual was widely enough known or lived a life sufficiently crowded with adventure or public service. We believe Creath Tooley was one of those people.

Creath Athol Tooley, a Cold Warrior who worked for peace in his mature years, was born in Jordan, Mont., on April 6, 1921, to Dr. Laurence Henderson Tooley and Oda Leah (Owen) Tooley. He died April 18, 2016. Continue Reading →