Stunning ‘Angel Horses’ on view in downtown Billings

Two horses

Visitors to the opening day of the Yellowstone Valley Farmers’ Market in downtown Billings on Saturday will have a special treat.

On each corner under Skypoint at Broadway and Second Avenue North there stands an “Angel Horse of a Different Color.” The life-size fiberglass horses were painted by local artists and installed at the intersection earlier this week. Continue Reading →

Dostoevsky: His art went beyond mere perfection


The ’60s were a turbulent time. Millions of people had just gained real civil rights for the first time. Government distrust soared because of a failed war. Young people were exploring socialism, communes and free love. Alternative publications flourished. Nihilists were tearing away at norms of society.

I am, of course, referring to Russia in the 1860s. Continue Reading →

Health department gets creative in denying data requests

deniedIt’s been 259 days and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services continues to drag its feet fulfilling a public records request the Montana Center for Investigative Reporting originally submitted last Oct. 29, asking for newborn screening records.

Getting answers to questions about Montana’s newborn screening program and its performance has been a daunting task. Why are the DPHHS and local hospitals so reluctant to release information? Continue Reading →

Plague vaccine may help ferrets come back from brink


For a couple of hours last week, about three dozen people stood under ominous storm clouds, wandering across a windswept meadow near Meeteetse, Wyo., hoping to catch a glimpse of prairie dogs eating peanut butter.

It wasn’t just peanut butter the wild rodents were ingesting. In fact, the tasty treat was merely the irresistible flavor used in a bait laced with an oral vaccine being tested as a way to control plague among limited populations of wild animals. Continue Reading →

Dennis Hastert accuser: ‘His silence says everything’


Jolene Burdge does not look at Dennis Hastert and see a man who used to hold one of the most powerful positions in the United States.

“This whole thing of him being the speaker of the House and the third in line to the presidency—I know it’s there, but it’s just not as prominent in my mind as being a teacher from a small town,” she said. “He’s just a teacher that all of us kids had that hurt my brother.” Continue Reading →

Prairie Lights: NDO will hinge on results of fall election


A former Billings City Council candidate who has inserted himself oafishly into this year’s council race has, purely by accident, exposed a general misunderstanding of how that legislative body conducts its business.

Brian Kenat, a Tea Party Republican who unsuccessfully ran against Ward 3 Councilwoman Becky Bird in 2013, has been calling council candidates to sound them out on their beliefs—and to badger them if he didn’t like their views. Continue Reading →