From the Outpost: An opening for long-shot Lewis

David Crisp

I just about dropped what’s left of my teeth when I saw on Sunday that the Billings Gazette had endorsed John Lewis for the U.S. House over Ryan Zinke.

Zinke seemed to be the natural pick in this race: tons of experience, some of it relevant; an unflappable public presence; a history of edging toward moderation. Even the Butte Weekly, a Democratic-leaning newspaper in a Democratic-leaning town, has endorsed Zinke, a Republican. Continue Reading →

Secluded cabin deepens appreciation of familiar river


Shortly after we arrived at our cabin on the Yellowstone River outside Park City on Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went for a short walk.

Lisa and I strolled along the riverbank and then poked around an upstream island reached by a narrow, dry channel before heading back to the cabin. On the point of the island, I laid myself down on the warm sand and listened to the wind spilling through the towering cottonwood trees. Continue Reading →

Renewal plan: High hopes for downtown Miles City

Main 1

MILES CITY — As a lifelong resident and mayor of this history-rich cowboy town, Butch Grenz knows what makes Miles City unique.

But as a downtown businessman who has watched the decline of what used to be the center of his city, he also knows what makes it similar to other communities in the state.

“It’s just typical Main Street Montana without a highway,” he said. Continue Reading →

All too aware of domestic violence

Ed Kemmick

October is domestic violence awareness month, but it already seems to have been domestic violence awareness year.

There has been an outpouring of stories on the subject since football player Ray Rice’s brutal assault of his then-fiancee Janay Palmer early last month was captured on videotape. Continue Reading →

Ripple effects


Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana

Ruth, my Grandpa Daniel’s sister, acquired a camera and started shooting home videos on eight-millimeter film sometime during the early 1950s. I watched the reels with my Grandma Francine earlier this year; the movies are subject to overexposure, but they offer a unique and colorful glimpse into a time and place that I have only ever heard about and imagined (oddly enough) in black-and-white.

Continue Reading →

House debate unlikely to have swayed many voters

If the purpose of a political debate is to change voters’ minds, then Monday’s U.S. House debate at Montana State University Billings was a clear draw.

It’s hard to imagine that any minds changed after a debate in which Republican Ryan Zinke and Democrat John Lewis seemed to agree at least at often as they disagreed. Continue Reading →