Autumn jumps the gun


Fall starts on Monday, according to the calendar, but if you’ve been out much at all in the past few days, you know that for all intents and purposes it’s already here.

In some spots the signs are subtle, providing just a hint of things to come. In others, it’s like a blazing announcement that the summer of 2014, following the cold, incredibly snowy winter of 2013-14, was pitifully short and officially over. Continue Reading →

Eastern Montana is where?


Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana

The Big Hole Valley is inextricably part of the family heritage — a distant relative ran his horses in its upper reaches; grandparents raised cattle on its lower stretches for decades. A high, wide riff that drains the snowpack from the peaks separating Montana and Idaho, it sources the longest river system in the United States. Although east of the divide geographically, the Big Hole River is nowhere close to Eastern Montana until the Missouri River meets the Musselshell at the Garfield County line on its way to filling Fort Peck Lake. Hunting waterfowl on the Big Hole River, one had to check the bag limits and season dates for the Central Flyway before shooting. Continue Reading →

Biggest house in county coming along quickly

Big House

Work on what is thought to be the largest house ever built in Yellowstone County is proceeding quickly.

Much of the framing on the 26,000-square-foot house appears to be done already. The house is being built just to the northeast of the developed portion of the Ironwood Subdivision, which itself is just east of the railroad overpass on Molt Road. Continue Reading →