It’s official: This was the snowiest winter on record


National Weather Service

The National Weather Service office in Billings released this map this morning, showing where lightning struck — just as the rain turned to snow.

Sure, it’s a miserable day in Billings, Montana.

But there is one consolation: we have officially broken the record for snowfall in one winter.

The National Weather Service office in Billings put out an alert at 10:18, saying: “Wild weather in Billings this morning. We had a clap of thunder as rain changed to snow around 9:16 AM MDT. You can see the single lightning strike on the map below. And…the Billings Airport has received 0.1″ of snow so far today. The seasonal snowfall total now stands at 103.6″, making 2017-2018 the snowiest winter in Billings recorded history!”

The map is actually shown above. Happy spring!

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