City to release names of disciplined police on Monday


Ed Kemmick/Last Best News

Two of the Billings police officers suspended without pay admitted having sex in the basement of city hall, at the other end of the block from city administrative offices.

The city of Billings plans to release the names, on Monday, of the three police officers disciplined for having sex with a civilian employee of the city Police Department on city property, two of them while on duty.

Deputy City Attorney Thomas Pardy said the officers will be identified by 3 p.m. on Monday, and several other pieces of information requested by media representatives will be released at the same time.

As Last Best News reported on Wednesday, the officers were ordered to take suspensions without pay several weeks ago by Police Chief Rich St. John.

Though St. John has not yet identified the male patrol officers, he did release the name of the evidence clerk, Rawlyn Strizich, who left her job in the City Hall offices of the Police Department in 2016 to work in the department’s evidence locker on Midland Road.

Strizich was fired from her job in February after confessing to the theft of narcotics from the evidence locker. It was during an investigation into her activities that she mentioned having had sex with the officers, and all three later told St. John that the allegations were true.

St. John said all the incidents took place while Strizich was working downtown, and the activities had nothing to do with operations of the evidence locker. He also said none of the officers broke the law, but they did violate department policies.

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