Seattle band, 2 local bands play Sunday at Smiling Dog


SSDD, a band out of Seattle, will headline a free show at Smiling Dog Records Sunday night in downtown Billings.

The Beatnik City Council invites you to remember the 5th of November with a free all-ages show Sunday night at Smiling Dog Records, 2702 Minnesota Ave.

The show will feature Seattle’s SSDD (Steal Shit Do Drugs), playing what the Beatnik City Council calls an “elite brand of raucous punk.” Two local outfits will also perform, “the wunderkinder Silverbow Society and Coors-rockers The Budgets.”

The Beatnik City Council is a group that came together to support and promote arts and culture in Billings, its flagship event being the Richard Dreyfest. The Smiling Dog show will start at 6 p.m., according to a press release, “with the service of refreshments and quality conversation,” with the music starting at 7.

Attendees are encouraged to wear Guy Fawkes paraphernalia, Nov. 5 being Guy Fawkes Day.

The Silverbow Society was named best punk band in this year’s Magic City Music Awards, and their performance was one of the highlights of last year’s awards show. The band, made up of four Skyview High School students, describes itself on its website as “a group of teenagers out of Billings, MT who like to make a bunch of noise.”

The Budgets, meanwhile, besides professing their love of Coors on their Facebook page, describe themselves rather modestly as “This Guy, That Guy, The Other Guy, Another Guy.”

As for SSDD, a reviewer in the Seattle Weekly said of the band: “It takes guts and smarts to make punk sound vital in 2016. On their debut EP, First Comes Money, the wild bucks in SSDD found a way to do just that, harnessing the libidinous whirlwind of Fun House-era Stooges, whoop-ass elements from Pussy Galore circa Right Now!, and channeling Flipper in Generic mode. SSDD are Seattle’s whirlwind arsonists of rock decorum.”

The Smiling Dog show will also feature a psychedelic light show by Bozeman artist Ernav Koepp, whose work you may have seen at Richard Dreyfest. It has been described as an “audio-visualization project combining multiple formats such as analog video synthesis, video feedback, cathode ray oscilloscope graphics and liquid light projection.”

Or, as the folks at Beatnik City Council put it, “It’s some seriously cool stuff!”

The show is free because of the sponsorship of Bloom Montana, and free pizza and kombucha will be provided by another sponsor, Seed of Life Labs.

Waste Division Art Collective will have a booth with stickers and other merch, and Beatnik City Council will be accepting donations at the door. The event Facebook page also adds: “As always: ALL AGES, no bozos.”

You know who you are.

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