List of Montana’s priciest houses includes Red Lodge property


Montana Realty Co.

This six-bedroom house near Red Lodge is listed as the third-most-expensive home now on the market in Montana.

A real estate industry website,, recently compiled a list of the 10 most expensive homes for sale in Montana.

The list includes properties in all the places you’d expect, including Whitefish, Flathead Lake and Big Sky. Unusually enough, the list even includes a home in Eastern Montana—if you consider Red Lodge part of Eastern Montana.

And even if it is, we’re not sure it’s fair to include that listing among the 10 priciest houses in Montana. It’s a six-bedroom, 5,400-square-foot house, sure, but as photos on the website of the Montana Realty Co. of Red Lodge make clear, this is not the sort of house you would imagine spending $22.5 million on.

So we’re guessing it’s the attraction is the 1,000-plus acres on which the unremarkable house sits. That is hinted at in the text attached to the listing at, which says that “this 1,013-acre property can be enjoyed as is or developed with additional amenities or homes.”

Not that anyone connected with Last Best News would ever presume to sneer at a six-bedroom house of more than 5,000 square feet. We’re just saying.

The description of the most expensive house listed in Montana at the moment, meanwhile, leaves out some highly interesting information. The house in question is the Shelter Island Estate, a 22,000-square-foot mansion on an 22-acre island on Flathead Lake. The asking price is $29 million.

That’s a lot of money, but it’s also a heck of a deal, apparently. You may recall that this property has been in the news before—and that the asking price was once as high as $78 million.

So don’t think of it as spending $29 million; think of it as saving $49 million. If anyone would be willing to purchase the property and allow Last Best News to use it as our headquarters, we would consider reorganizing as a nonprofit, making your donation of the property tax-deductible.

We think that’s how it works. If you’re interested, we’ll figure it out.

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