Dates set for 2 House candidate Facebook town halls

Forward Montana is still waiting to hear from Greg Gianforte, but the other two candidates for the state’s sole U.S. House seat have scheduled Facebook Live town halls.

As we reported earlier this month, Forward Montana has teamed up with Last Best News and the Missoula Independent to sponsor the town halls.

Democratic candidate Rob Quist and Libertarian candidate Mark Wicks will be featured in hour-long town halls moderated by Alex Sakariassen of the Missoula Independent, who will be asking questions submitted by readers.

Some questions have been submitted already, but we could use some more, so please go to and submit yours.

Forward Montana, a youth-advocacy group whose slogan is “Not right, not left, but forward,” has not yet been able to schedule a town hall with Gianforte, the Republican candidate for the House seat vacated by Ryan Zinke when he became secretary of the Interior.

The town hall featuring Quist is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The one featuring Wicks is set for Thursday, May 4, also from 5:30 to 6:30. They will be streamed live on the Forward Montana Facebook page.

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