Bear Gulch rock art featured tonight on Fox Business


Ed Kemmick/Last Best News

A bright-red pictograph, made more vivid by deep incisions, on the Bear Creek site.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the stunning collection of rock art at Bear Gulch near Grass Range.

There really is nothing quite like it anywhere—more than 3,000 individual images, many of them still bright and clear as day.

About a third of the images are of shield-bearing warriors, but there are also, as I said in that earlier story, “bears, birds, bison, elk, deer, turtles, wolves, horses, salamanders and other creatures, and hundreds of weapons and accouterments. There is also a rare representation of a woman giving birth and ancient handprints of red ochre.”

Bear Gulch is on a ranch homesteaded by the grandparents of Macie Lundin Ahlgren, who still lives there. It was Macie who reached out to the producers of the Fox Business Network reality show “Strange Inheritance,” and talked them into featuring her collection of Indian rock art.

The show is one of two new episodes of “Strange Inheritance” that will air tonight at 7, Montana time. The network ran a promo for the show, showing some of the art and a little bit of Macie. (The headline on the promo—”American drawings discovered on Montana ranch,” is pretty silly and somewhat misleading, but oh, well.)

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