One more look at the record snowstorm of ’55


A still from Allan Downs\’ 1955 film.

Typical Billings.

We have a couple of days of Arctic cold, a heavy snowfall … and then a few days later it feels like spring again and half the snow is gone.

Before the recent storm fades into memory, we thought we should bring to your attention the video we posted in March 2014, after another big snowstorm.

The video, produced by Stan Parker, mixed some fresh footage of the 2014 snowfall combined with excerpts from a short film made in 1955 by a local chiropractor, the late Allan Downs.

In that year, Billings was hit with 42½ inches of snow between April 2 and April 5—about double what last week’s storm dumped on us. And last week’s snowfall, you will recall, was the heaviest in 38 years.

The video produced by Parker is below. If you wanted to see the entire film made my Downs, go to the story we posted in 2014 and scroll down to the bottom.

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