Photo Gallery: Sunset outing on the Yellowstone River

On what was almost a perfect summer day, a young dog lover by the name of Pari Kemmick went with some friends up to the Four Dances Natural Area early in the evening on Monday.

They walked to the edge of the high sandstone formations there (often referred to as Sacrifice Cliff), then made their way down to the Yellowstone River bottom via a steep, narrow road.

Pari and her friends swam and enjoyed the sunset, but no one had quite as much fun as their dogs, Malta and Osa. Those two ran up and down the riverbank, swam, chased sticks and generally cavorted until they reached the point of almost beginning to think there might be such a thing as exhaustion, which thought they quickly banished from their minds.

We offer up a gallery of photos from the outing, to remind you what wonders there are so close to home, and to remind you that summer is quickly slipping away.

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