Outside magazine’s Billings video now available


Outside magazine

The Outside video about Billings makes frequent mention of our thriving craft brewery scene. Apparently Outside readers like beer. Go figure.

The Outside magazine piece on Billings’ selection as the best town of 2016 is now posted online.

Better yet, so is the five-minute video tribute to Billings that was created by the folks at Outside. To find the video, just click on the link above and scroll down to about the middle of the article.

Two Billings attractions are featured prominently in the video: all the nearby mountain-biking opportunities and the many craft breweries in town. (This seems like a good time to remind our readers to be careful when combining these attractions.)

The downtown-centric video covers the ground quite thoroughly, to the point where you could almost imagine someone in a distant part of the country watching it and then Googling “job opportunities in Billings, Montana.”

There’s quite a cast of local characters singing the praises of our humble burg, including Alex Tyson, director of Visit Billings; Matt Pippinich, part-owner of MoAv Coffee House; Mike Hodges, owner of H-Bar Hat Works; Simon Harris, of the Spoke Shop; and Chad Broderius, of Uberbrew.

We also hear from Jeremy Engebretson, owner of Lilac cafe, and Lisa Harmon, director of the downtown Billings Alliance. Cameo appearances are made by the band Downtime, playing for an Alive After Five crowd, and guitarist Blake Pierce and mandolinist David Cleaves, filmed while doing some busking downtown.

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