No end of sights on a fine day hike in the Beartooths

If your vehicle can handle the rough, rocky and now-being-reconstructed road to the Glacier Lake trailhead in the Beartooth Mountains, a wonderful day hike awaits.

Armed with a camera, fishing pole, some rain gear, snacks and some billy-goat energy, you’ll have all you need to make the most of the steep 2.2-mile hike to the lake and back.

Rock Creek roars through this wide valley, crossing from Montana into Wyoming and back again. Wildflowers, critters, rushing streams, unusual discoveries, grand vistas and other sights will keep your camera busy. From the trailhead, you will climb more than 1,000 feet to a 10,000-foot elevation before the trail drops to the lake at 9,700 feet.

To get to the trailhead, head southwest out of Red Lodge on Highway 212, go about 10.9 miles and turn right onto FS-421. After you pass the Limber Pine Campground, the pavement ends. Take a left on the road that follows Rock Creek. If the seven-mile road gets too rough for comfort, you can park short of the trailhead and add a few warm-up miles to your hike.

If you have time and want more adventure on this trip to Glacier Lake, you can explore nearby Little Glacier, Emerald, Mountain Sheep or Mountain Goat lakes.

To those afflicted with the Beartooth bug, you can pick another trailhead on another day and trek to another of the over 300 lakes in the range. Sure beats a treadmill.

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