Nixon, citizen group react to Red Lodge chief’s departure


Alex Nixon

Our story on the resignation of Red Lodge Police Chief Steve Hibler is long enough, so we thought we’d do a separate post on some reaction to the news.

First up is Carbon County Attorney Alex Nixon, one of the people blamed by Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams for creating a “hostile work environment” for Hibler. This afternoon, the Carbon County News printed Nixon’s statement in regard to the mayor’s remarks.

Nixon had some laudatory things to say about Hibler, but said he was “saddened that Mayor Williams chose to blame the County—and Sheriff McQuillan and I individually— for any shortfalls in Steve’s programs. Continued petty bickering is counterproductive and a disservice to the residents of our community.”

Meanwhile, the members of the newly formed Red Lodge Community Oversight Representatives issued their own statement. In an email to Last Best News they said:

“Formation of COR came in response to over two years of the following issues in Red Lodge: Lack of transparency between city government and the community; seven police officers with seven cars used for personal use in addition to an unknown number of reserve officers; a drug dog they told citizens would not be funded by the community; bar ‘walk-throughs’ designed to intimidate citizens under the guise of community policing; a failed drug bust resulting in a million dollar lawsuit; and multiple incidents of ticketing bars in order to jeopardize their liquor licenses. For these reasons and many more, COR looks forward to working with the mayor’s interim chief appointee.”

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