Montana Mint’s pizza contest down to ‘Sweet 16’

MT Pizza Championship Logo_2Voting is underway for the Montana Mint Second Annual March Madness Pizza Bracket Contest.

Last year, you may recall, the winner was Eugene’s Pizza in Glasgow. The contest, sponsored by Montana Mint, the website whose stated mission is to “bring the best of Montana to the internet,” went live on March 16 this year.

It is now down to the “Sweet 16.” Voting has already been so heavy, according to a press release from Montana Mint, that the website crashed and was down for nearly an hour on Friday. And don’t think this is a contest between the big cities. The final 16 bracket is dominated by small towns, including Glasgow, Flaxville, Malta and Scobey.

You can get all the details at Montana Mint, but if you’re ready to vote, you can do so by going here, vote via Twitter poll, or by “liking” the photo of your favorite pizza joint on the Montana Mint Facebook page.

Voting is pretty intense. Just on the Mint’s Facebook page, I counted more than 800 votes. Have at it.


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