Roundup artist finishes portrait of ‘Angel of Downtown’

New DwightWhen I wrote a few days ago about the passing of Dwight Raup, I mentioned that Coila Evans, an artist in Roundup, was working on a portrait of Dwight.

Her finished project is at left, and here’s a tribute to Dwight, whom she called “the Angel of Downtown,” that Coila posted on her Facebook page:

“I always looked for and looked forward to seeing Dwight when I went downtown… I find myself still looking forward to seeing him every day in the studio. I have been finding myself mesmerized by the kindness and knowing look in his eyes, and haunted by the dark lines and deep colourful creases I never seemed to notice as much in life.

“It makes me wonder if I just see people the way I want to see them … or if it is possible that goodness always shines through, diminishing the visibility of the hardships we all face. After reading several pieces about Dwight this week, I know that many cared for him. They, too, looked forward to seeing him.

“I’m certain the downtown area will be echoing his name for countless days to come. Today many will gather and share stories of the beloved Dwight at the Limber Tree 3 p.m. I look forward to hearing them all. So grateful for the opportunity to learn just a little bit more about Dwight, and how he was honored with the position of Angel of Downtown.”

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