Railroad Earth: An up-close look at a hard-working band


Railroad Earth

Bethany Schatzke, who had been writing about music for The Billings Outpost until it recently ceased publication, is continuing her endeavors on her own blog, and this week has posted a good story about Railroad Earth.

Here’s how she describes the band, which is opening a swing through Montana with a show at the Babcock Theatre next Wednesday:

“The New Jersey based sextet is a sort of musical chameleon going from rock to bluegrass to folk to tribal to … something delightfully indescribable, something uniquely Railroad Earth.  No other labels needed.”

Bethany bases her story on an interview with mandolin player John Skehan, who had a lot say about the band members’ performance style, their perpetual touring and their attitude toward free music-sharing. If you’re a fan of Railroad Earth, you’ll find this fascinating.

If you know nothing or little about the band, dig in.

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