Montana Mint, statewide readers pick top athletes


Montana Mint

The faces on our sports Mount Rushmore, left to right: Krystkowiak, Dickenson, McNally and Knievel.

Over at Montana Mint, the results are in.

As we reported recently, the popular all-things-Montana blog asked the public to help find the four greatest athletes in Montana history—the Mount Rushmore of Montana sports.

With more than 2,500 votes cast, the four are Dave Dickenson, Larry Krystkowiak, Dave McNally and Evel Knievel. As the Montana Mint noted, “The winners all represent different sports and different hometowns: Dickenson (Football/Great Falls), Krystkowiak (Basketball/Missoula), McNally (Baseball/Billings), and Evel Knievel (Stunts/Butte).”

So now we know that “stunts” is officially a sport. The folks at MM also write a bit about some of the neglected athletes they considered, and a certain neglected gender. You can follow the link above for all the results, and click here to read the original story.

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