Taste of Billings: 5 questions for Lilac’s Jeremy Engebretson


Bryce Turcotte, Stodgy

Jeremy Engebretson, Lilac.

The second annual Taste of Billings, featuring two nights of fine dining at the historic Billings Depot on Montana Avenue, is set for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5 and 6.

The Saturday night formal dinner will feature a seven-course meal, each plate paired with a wine. All proceeds will go to support the nonprofit Billings Depot. More information is available on the depot website.

In advance of the affair, Alexander Clark and Bryce Turcotte of Stodgy, a new creative marketing company in Billings, met with the seven chefs who will be serving up the Saturday feast, Turcotte to shoot portraits of them and Clark to ask them to describe the course they will be serving and to ask them five questions about food.

Turcotte and Clark donated their services to the Billings Depot and are allowing Last Best News to run the photos and Q&A’s. Today’s chef is Jeremy Engebretson, of Lilac.

Course: Transition course from entrée to dessert

Description: Served ice cold, we will be dishing up caraway marinated cucumbers with cucumber and Hendricks granita as well as the elements of a French dressing combined to make a paprika aioli garnish.

Five Questions:

1. Favorite guilty pleasure food or eatery?
Wendy’s, not even ashamed.

2. If you weren’t cooking what would you be doing?
Contractor or someone that builds things. I love to work with my hands.

3. Dish on your menu that you eat the most?
Short rib gnocchi.

4. Favorite ingredient to work with?
Anything that’s fresh and hard to cook.

5. Person you would love to cook for?
My grandmother.

Monday: Tim Zimbelman, chef at Jake’s West End.

Tuesday: Stephen Hindman, Stacked.

Wednesday: Wally Bone, TEN.

Thursday: James Honaker, Enzo Bistro.

Friday: Marlo Sprang, Walkers Grill.

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