‘East of Billings’ calendar celebrates the other Montana


Alexis Bonogofsky

This photo of the Tongue River near Birney is featured in Alexis Bonogofsky’s “2016 East of Billings” calendar.

I’m a big fan of Alexis Bonogofsky’s photography. She has great affection for the eastern half of Montana and a real knack for taking photographs that capture the spirit of this place.

Her “2016 East of Billings” calendar brings together a striking collection of her photographs—of the Tongue and Yellowstone rivers, Otter and Rosebud creeks and lots more. You can read about it, and how to order it, at Alexis’ blog, also called East of Billings.

On the first page of the calendar, she explains why she started taking photographs of Eastern Montana:

I began taking photos a couple of years ago because I was frustrated by the seemingly widely held perception that eastern Montana is a dull landscape that couldn’t be compared to the mountains of western Montana. I want people to see what I see in this land and the only way to do that was to buy a camera and start taking photos of the amazing places I’m able to go to.

I am grateful and indebted to all off the landowners who open up their ranches and homes to me. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them and being out and about east of Billings, the last best place of the Last Best Place.

Special thanks to my friend Wally McRae for teaching me about his place. I hope I can prove him wrong that no one cares what happens EOB.

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