Fixer-upper? Nope, a tearer-downer


Slumming it, Montana style.

Here’s what we’ve come to: supposedly the most expensive house currently on the market in Montana is priced at $20 million—and the agent listing it says it will probably be torn down to make room for a bigger house.

Why? Agent Pat Donovan told that the main attraction is the 35-acre property on Whitefish Lake where the house sits. The house itself is merely a “log home” of 5,000 square feet.

Mind you, it’s not exactly the gulag: “The home’s bedrooms and bathrooms are spacious and bright, and they manage to avoid the grimness often associated with lodge-style living.”

Oh, the grimness of your run-of-the-mill, 5,000-square-foot lodge-style structure!

And here’s the clincher: “As for who will spend $20 million on a home for the privilege to build an even bigger home? Donovan laughs and says, ‘It probably won’t be someone from Montana.'”

He’s probably got that right.

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