A word or two on The Bar Tab

I need to clear up a little misapprehension here at Last Best News.

Several people have told me they were confused about the authorship of The Bar Tab, a series of local tavern reviews that debuted last week on this site. Some people even thought I, Ed Kemmick, your Last Best News correspondent, your LBN publisher and editor, was writing The Bar Tab reviews.

In a word: no. The authors really are a local couple who are just as they described themselves in the introductory piece that ran with the first review. They came to me with the idea and a few samples of what they wanted to do and I went for it and am now looking forward to many more.

I am editing their reviews and writing the headlines for the pieces, but I am not involved at all in the writing process (though I have offered to accompany them to a tavern or two, just for the hell of it).

They adopted the pseudonyms Mr. Bitters and Olive to preserve their anonymity, since they are continuing to visit local bars and don’t want special treatment, good or bad. If you’d like to get a hold of them personally, they have established an email account, bartabreviews@gmail.com, as well as their own Facebook page, Peat Bitters.

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