Art alley, as advertised, keeps evolving, filling up

The “art alley” in downtown Billings, as promised, is quickly changing.

In the six weeks since I first ran a photo gallery on the alley, it has filled up and many of the original artworks have been painted over or have been so heavily altered that they are all but unrecognizable.

As one of the artists behind the project said when prep work was still being done on the alley, “It’s going to be a living wall. It’s not like they’re going to do this once.”

I like it now even more than I did six weeks ago, and I’ve yet to talk to anybody who hasn’t at least been interested in the project. Many, many other people have told me how much they have been enjoying it.

I did hear from one rather severe critic, who emailed me this message (which I present verbatim) after I ran the first photo gallery:

who is responsible for creating that eye sore and destroying what was clean alley with wonderful brick and now is a blight, art prehaps in the looses terms they should respray the whole alley and never attempt such foolishness again. UGLY UGLY UGLY  I say if this is such a good idea  prehaps you can convince the city to use city property. Now that youve destroyed the alley what next in your path of destruction. Walk the alley talk to the people SHAME SHAME ON YOU

As for my personally having destroyed the alley, I’m afraid I can’t take any credit for it. I am completely devoid of any skills having to do with painting and drawing, and I have no experience at all with aerosol art. But I was happy to bear the brunt of this gentleman’s wrath.

Anyway, I encourage you to have a look for yourself. The alley is on the 3200 block between First and Second avenues north, with the Good Earth Market on one end of the alley and Pug Mahon’s on the other.

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