Fresh paint for city hydrants


Ed Kemmick/Last Best News

Jamon Rodrigues, left, and Quinn Abdallah, working for the city of Billings, paint a hydrant on the corner of South Broadway and Minnesota Avenue Thursday afternoon.

I kept seeing these two around town when I didn’t have my camera, so when I spotted them painting a hydrant close to home Thursday—this was on the corner of South Broadway and Minnesota Avenue—I couldn’t resist.

Jamon Rodrigues and Quinn Abdallah have summer jobs with the Distribution and Collection Division of the Public Works Department. They said they’ve been jetting out sewer lines and helping to repair leaks, and this week they were painting fire hydrants—shiny coats of red and silver.

Rodrigues said he had the same job last summer, when he started at 54th Street West and worked his way east as far as Rocky Mountain College. This year, he and Abdallah started near Rocky and are making their way east again.

He painted 970 hydrants last summer, Rodrigues said, and they were shooting to finish 1,000 this year, completing about 35 a day.

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