Another good reason to like the grain bin house


Louis Habeck

Beautiful, cozy, functional … and apparently a decent haven if zombies appear.

Regular readers of Last Best News will probably remember our story about Kate Morris’ little grain bin house on the prairie, which we wrote about when it was under construction and again after its completion.

We wrote about how Kate worked with Nick Pancheau from Collaborative Design Architects to realize her dream of living in a converted grain bin on the property north of Great Falls that she inherited from her parents.

We wrote about the painstaking process involved in that conversion, about all the joint decisions that went into every little detail of the fairly complicated project. We wrote about the beauty of the home, the spectacular nature of the setting, the wonderful architectural flourishes that made it into a work of art as well as a resisdence.

What we failed to note—and how we overlooked this we don’t know—is that the grain bin house would be an excellent place to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse. This link was discovered by Pancheau and posted on the Collaborative Design Blog, along with a couple of other Web mentions of the remarkable house.

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