Tester’s top aide shares boss’s digital shortage


Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Sen. Jon Tester and his executive assistant Luke Jackson sit down for an interview in the senator’s Capitol hideaway.

Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, has an interesting story about Luke Jackson, Sen. Jon Tester’s executive assistant.

I had never heard of Jackson, and by far the most notable thing I learned about him in this article is that he, just like his boss, is missing the middle three fingers on his left hand. Could somebody better than me at math compute the chances of that coincidence?

We all know how Tester’s lost his fingers: in a childhood accident involving a meat grinder on the ranch. Here’s all the article says about how Jackson lost his:

“About his own missing digits, Jackson likes to tell inquiring senators, ‘There are two types of people, those who are born like that and those who stick their hands in meat grinders. I usually get a laugh or two.'”

The article also paints a good picture of the relentless pace of serving in the Senate, or of serving someone who serves in the Senate. As Tester joked about Jackson:

“Unfortunately, when my wife’s not here, he’s the last person I see at night and the first person I see in the morning—so it sucks.”

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