Art Wittich, accidental hero of the 2015 Legislature


Art Wittich, accidental hero.

Don’t miss Dan Brooks’ fine analysis of the 2015 Legislature. Writing in the Missoula Independent, Brooks reminds us that, despite so much evidence to the contrary, there is occasionally some justice in the universe.

The jumping-off point for Brooks’ column was the recent outbreak of bipartisan cooperation in Helena. Searching for a cause, he concluded that we can thank Rep. Art Wittich, R-Belgrade, for this unexpected turn of events.

“Wittich’s doctrinaire conservatism,” Brooks writes, “forced moderate Republicans into a coalition with Democrats last week, and their cooperation might make the 2015 session productive after all.”

You’ll want to read the whole column, but here’s my favorite paragraph:

“It turns out that all our representatives needed was a common enemy. Wittich has been gleefully crossing Republicans off his friends list for so long that he seems to have forgotten where they go once they leave his good graces. It turns out that there is another party in Montana, and they care less about ideological purity than about getting things done.”

Rep. Wittich, we salute you!

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