More good things from Montana’s Martha Scanlan

Martha ScanlanMartha Scanlan is a songwriter and musician I’ve been lucky enough to see perform in Red Lodge and in Billings. She lives on the Tongue River and has already recorded albums that reflect that beautiful place.

Now she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help produce a new album, The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come. Here’s how she describes her idea: “My previous record, Tongue River Stories, centered around bringing musicians to the landscape where the songs came out of; The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come brings the landscape and the songs to the musicians in the studio. The songs seem to have a central theme of transformation, currents that weave through life, the point where struggle turns to flow.  I am curious to see how they are expressed, and how in turn that expression interacts with the listener and with audiences everywhere.”

If you’ve heard anything by Martha, either her work as a solo artist or as a member of the Reeltime Travelers, you know how lucky we’ll all be to have this new album. So check out her Kickstarter page, or her own website. Or just give a listen to this lovely song.


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