Milt Gunderson

After 57 years, ‘paper day’ still a thrill

SCOBEY — Milt Gunderson was 22 years old when he applied for a job with the Daniels County Leader, a weekly newspaper in Scobey. That was in 1957.

“I was just a farm kid, with no education or anything,” he said.


Justice is swift in Municipal Court


It’s called Municipal Court, but I think a more apt name might be Improvisational Court.

So many defendants are rushed through Municipal Court on a typical morning, attended by so many clerks, probation officers, public defenders and private lawyers, that despite an abundance of rules and procedures, the proceedings have a hectic, makeshift air about them. Continue Reading →

From the Outpost: Gianforte’s speech imagined

David Crisp

Bozeman entrepreneur Greg Gianforte has been invited to speak at commencement exercises at Montana Tech in Butte and at Rocky Mountain College in Billings. Some people have threatened to boycott the ceremonies because of his involvement with groups that oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians and that support creationism.

I think the protesters have it all wrong. Gianforte is the perfect person to speak to budding young graduates. Here is what he should say: Continue Reading →