True story, Montana setting inspire children’s book

Some 15 years ago, Lynda Bourque Moss’s friends in the Paradise Valley told her of an adventure involving their dog, Nubbin, and their pygmy goat, Frosty.

Everyone in the family had left one morning, leaving no food for Nubbin and Frosty, and for some reason the two animals decided to go visit Nubbin’s best friend Bucky, a “movie star dog” who lived on Mill Creek five miles from Nubbin’s home.


Another lawsuit filed over oil tank inspection death


Last Best News has learned of another lawsuit filed on behalf of a Montana man who died while inspecting oil storage tanks in the Bakken oilfield of North Dakota.

The lawsuit was filed last February in District Court in Sidney by Nicole Buckles, of Glasgow, on behalf of her son, 20-year-old Zachary Buckles, who died on April 28, 2014, while manually gauging crude-oil production tanks near Alexander, N.D. Continue Reading →

Montana Viewpoint: Still a nation of immigrants


We are a nation of immigrants who despise immigrants. Syrians and Middle East refugees are just the most recent of the indigestible bits in the melting pot that we are so fond of claiming as our great distinction among nations. And Hispanics, like the poor, we will always have with us and will probably disparage them for another few decades in addition to the disparagement of the past 150 years, give or take. Continue Reading →