Fishing access, boat launch will be near South Bridge

The Yellowstone River Parks Association is taking the lead on a plan to buy 15 acres of land for a fishing access and boat launch across the Yellowstone from Riverfront Park.

“It’s going to be an amazing development,” said YRPA President Darryl Wilson.

New rule pushes smokers 20 feet from public buildings


A new rule prohibiting smoking within 20 feet of public entryways, windows or ventilation systems will take effect in Yellowstone County on March 1.

The rule, adopted Thursday morning by the RiverStone Board of Health, also prohibits the indoor use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices in public spaces, basically bringing them under the same rules as traditional forms of smoking. Continue Reading →


Rosendale muffs easy radio play

“Sharia Steve,” the caller said, and I hoped for an epiphany.

Matt Rosendale, who hopes to abandon his job as state auditor to become a U.S. senator next year, was being interviewed last week on the “Voices of Montana” radio show. The caller was slandering Gov. Steve Bullock, and I was hoping Rosendale might have a John McCain moment and set the caller straight. Continue Reading →

Future of Great Falls Lewis and Clark center in doubt


The U.S. Forest Service has faced significant budget cuts and the increased demand for resources from the recent wildfire season has compounded the issue that is now affecting the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center.

Last week, Cascade County Commissioners sent a letter to Bill Avey, forest supervisor for the Lewis and Clark and Helena National Forests, formally requesting information. Continue Reading →

From Wolf Point to Hollywood, Montie Montana wowed them


“Wolf Point is not the biggest town in the state of Montana,” the July 1975 issue of Western Horseman said,” but it’s famous beyond its size.”

“One reason is that it’s the home of the Wild Horse Stampede, Montana’s oldest rodeo,” the article went on. “The other is that it has a native son named Owen Harlan Mickel, who grew up as Montie Montana.” Continue Reading →

Prairie Lights: For city of Billings, opportunity knocks


Listening to Hammes Co. President Bob Dunn last week, when he was telling the Billings City Council about the transformation of One Big Sky Center from a single downtown project to a comprehensive development strategy, I heard echoes from years ago.

What really struck me in Dunn’s presentation was his insistence that Billings, if it did not want to be left in the dust, had to start thinking big, in a very organized way. Continue Reading →