New beet harvester is bigger, better (and more fun)

HARDIN — I went down to Hardin Thursday to rendezvous with a trio of bankers from Little Horn State Bank. The four of us then went to see Brett Nedens’ enormous new beet harvester.

The bankers were Andy Rio, president and CEO of LHSB, and ag lenders Al McCormick, Billings branch, and Matt Torske, Hardin branch.


Biggest house in county coming along quickly

Big House

Work on what is thought to be the largest house ever built in Yellowstone County is proceeding quickly.

Much of the framing on the 26,000-square-foot house appears to be done already. The house is being built just to the northeast of the developed portion of the Ironwood Subdivision, which itself is just east of the railroad overpass on Molt Road. Continue Reading →

From the Outpost: On questions of grammar, to each their own?

David Crisp

We appear to be stumbling into another war in the Middle East. Pro football is buckling under the weight of its own violence. In Montana politics, the only issue appears to be whether Steve Daines wants to destroy the country overnight by gutting environmental laws or whether he is willing to wait a few decades for global warming to do the job.

So let’s talk about grammar. Continue Reading →

Mystery of tombstone found in river is quickly solved


This story has been updated, in a postscript.

The power of social media was on display in Billings Monday, when users of a Facebook page quickly solved the mystery surrounding a tombstone found in the Yellowstone River.

The granite headstone was found Saturday during the eighth annual Yellowstone River Cleanup. A group of Rocky Mountain College students found the headstone near Duck Creek Bridge, on dry cobblestone near the water’s edge, and hauled it by boat to Norm’s Island, a few miles downstream. Continue Reading →

Gunter and Taylor: A life together on the streets


Gunter Rodrigues and Taylor Trowbridge are tucked into the recessed entryway of a vacant building at Montana Avenue and North 28th Street.

If you’re used to sleeping on the streets, this isn’t a bad place to be. The entryway is a long rectangle, maybe 15 feet long and 6 feet wide, with brick walls on two sides to stop the wind. Over the concrete there is a strip of well-worn outdoor carpet, a sliver of warmth and comfort. Continue Reading →

A mind is a terrible thing to motivate


People often ask, how does the mind of a newspaper columnist — or that of a digital newspaper columnist — work?

The short answer is that it rarely does. Instead, it seeks diversion and distraction and asks to be plied with coffee, or, later in the day, alcohol. Ostensibly, these are stimulants that will help the mind do its work, but in fact they are merely different kinds of diversions and distractions. Continue Reading →