In Montana, leading the charge in rethinking ‘vacation’

The Onion, the spoof online news outlet, recently ran a hilarious headline that read: “Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back”

The reason it’s funny is that it includes a dark strain of truth. Nearly 60 percent of workers consider themselves “disengaged” from their jobs. In fact, I bet many of you might be reading this at a desk where you wish you were doing something else.

Good advice: There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing


“Mark wanted desperately to climb the Eiger, while I wanted desperately to have climbed the Eiger.” — Jon Krakauer

Winter fly fishing in Montana is a recreational pursuit filled with beauty and solitude, a time when the angler can unfurl the wings of his soul and enjoy the untrammeled splendor of nature.

OK, so I’m trying really hard to sell this. I’m a fly shop owner with cash flow issues in the winter. Continue Reading →


Drug raid debated in public, Bearcreek mayor enters fray


Editor’s Note: Some questions have arisen regarding what evidence was seized during the Jan. 24 raid in Bearcreek. Here, from court records, are Page 1 and Page 2 of the “Evidence receipt.”

RED LODGE—About 40 people crowded into the small City Council chambers in Red Lodge Tuesday night, most of them to speak or listen to others speak about the recent drug bust that city police officers carried out in Bearcreek. Continue Reading →

David Crisp: Journalists not doing jobs in presidential race


At no other time in recent memory have the media been so relentlessly pummeled in a presidential election. So let’s pile on.

Why? Because if you have diligently followed the presidential campaigns on television, then you have seen hundreds of hours of coverage of candidate after candidate. And, chances are, you still know very little about their actual positions on issues. Continue Reading →

Gianforte brings ‘Regulation Roundup’ tour to Billings


Greg Gianforte brought his Regulation Roundup tour to Billings on Monday to look for ways to save businesses from “death by a thousand cuts,” but most of those who showed up had bigger issues in mind.

Billings was the sixth of 60 stops on the tour by the Republican candidate for governor. His goal, he said, is to find ways to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses to help Montana improve its status as 49th in the country in average wages. Continue Reading →

Uberbrew works with Denver brewer for Collaboration Fest


There’s no lack of contests and competitions for brewers these days, but Mark Hastings thinks there’s none better than the one he’ll be taking part in this March in Denver.

The concept of Collaboration Fest—set for March 19—is pretty simple: at least two brewers, one of whom must be based in Colorado, join forces, come up with a new brew, work on it together and take it to the festival for judging. Continue Reading →

The Bar Tab: Given a second chance, Gusick’s delivers


The following review is composed of two diametrically opposed visits. Readers, if you decide to patronize Gusick’s on your own, do so at your own risk. The experience may be delightful, but this is by no means guaranteed.

We’d been meaning to stop in to Gusick’s for years. It’s located at 760 S. 20th St. W., surrounded by a sea of chain restaurants and car dealerships. Locals go crazy for it, and we’ve encountered more than a few regulars who loudly proclaim their allegiance to the establishment. At least three Yelp reviews claim it to be “a gem of a place.” Continue Reading →