Prairie Lights: Forget Trump, here are 2 key state races

If I thought it would make the slightest difference, I would urge readers of Last Best News to vote for Hillary Clinton, given the mountain of evidence that Donald Trump is completely unfit to be president.

But it appears that Montana voters are going to favor Trump in any case. Fortunately, it appears just as likely that the country as a whole will reject him by a large margin.


Speakers urge support for medical marijuana at rally


Backers of a medical marijuana initiative, who appear to be fighting an uphill battle, rallied Thursday on the lawn of the Yellowstone County Courthouse.

Coming the day after the final presidential debate, it could be that many people were suffering from “election fatigue,” in the words of Barbara Sample, one of four Initiative 182 supporters who spoke at the noon rally. Continue Reading →

Nonpartisan races becoming ever more partisan


Much as I rail against the two-party system, it has its advantages when you get down to the bottom of the ballot—you know, those races you meant to check out but never got around to.

If you hate taxes, worry about coal-mining jobs and think people should be able to do whatever they want except smoke dope, abort babies and marry the sex of their choice, vote for the Republican. If you love government, worry about global warming and think people should be able to do whatever they want except own guns, burn gasoline and block bathroom access, vote for the Democrat. Continue Reading →

Montana Viewpoint: ‘Everybody deserves a second chance’


John Craighead died last month in Missoula. To most people he was known as a grizzly bear expert and an outstanding conservationist. To me, he was all of that, but he was also the guy who broke my Uncle John’s nose.

I hasten to add that it happened under legitimate circumstances, during a boxing match at Penn State somewhere around 1938. This memory came to my mind like a gift from above as I was thinking about all the depressing current events I could write about today. So this column is about a man I thought the world of, my Uncle John. Continue Reading →