Last Best News readers invited to take survey

Dear readers: If you’ve got a few minutes, we invite you to take part in a survey about Last Best News.

The survey is being conducted by the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas, which is trying to better understand, in the words printed on the survey disclaimer, “who reads local news websites and about their readership and social habits.”


Daines presses support for Gorsuch in Helena visit


U.S. Sen. Steve Daines addressed the Montana House of Representatives last week, touching on his role in Washington, his backing of the Keystone XL Pipeline and his support for the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Daines repeatedly said he and other Republicans in Washington are seeking less federal power and more states’ rights. Continue Reading →

Red Lodge chef honored again in James Beard contest


Michael Muirhead’s first brush with the James Beard Foundation Awards came in 1998.

It was his first day on the job at the famed Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, and he was hoping to meet the owner-chef, Wolfgang Puck. But Puck was not there that day. He and two of his top chefs were finalists in different categories of the James Beard contest that year, and they were off attending the awards ceremony. Continue Reading →

Reports says anti-Muslim groups on the rise in Montana


The number of anti-government groups in Montana held steady in 2016 while anti-Muslim activity surged, according to census information released this month by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Of the 917 hate organizations identified in the latest report, 20 are located in Montana, including several white nationalist, anti-Muslim and anti-government groups scattered across the state. Continue Reading →